Classic Tween Multiple Timelines

Place Two Copies

You now have a symbol called wheel that holds a simple rotating tween. You are going to use two copies of this movieClip for the front and back wheels of your car.

  1. First, exit the wheels symbol and return to the main timeline by clicking Scene 1
  2. You have a completely empty movie right now. You cut out the animations and pasted them into an unused movieClip called wheel
  3. If you don't see it already, bring up the Library that contains all the movie assets. The shortcut is CTRL+L
  4. Find the wheel movieClip and drag it onto the stage. Do it twice - two copies of the same movieClip!

Check it out! You may be wondering why you couldn't simply create this all on the main stage, without embedding the animation in a new movieClip. That will be evident soon:

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