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2D Animation Instruction

  1. Drawing with Flash
    1. Lines and Fills
    2. Creating Curves
    3. Paint a Digital Coloring Book
  2. Basic Flash Animation Techniques
    1. Traditional Keyframe Animation
    2. Gradient Tween
    3. Classic Tween Quick Guide
    4. Classic Tween Project
    5. Classic Tween Multiple Timeline
  3. Flash Character Animation
    1. Drawing a Character
    2. A Simple Jump Animation
    3. Scrolling Backrounds
    4. Special Effects
  4. Bitmap Graphics In Flash
    1. Export a Bitmap from Flash
    2. Import a Bitmap into Flash
    3. Working with Layers in Fireworks and Flash
    4. Trace Bitmap
  5. More Flash Animation Techniques
    1. Classic Motion Guides
    2. Masking
  6. ActionScript 3.0 Button Interactivity
    1. Creating a PLAY Button
    2. Navigate the Timeline with Frame Labels
    3. Control MovieClip Timelines
  7. Setting the Stage for ActionScript 3.0 Programming
    1. The Flash Coordinate System
    2. MovieClip Instance Names
    3. Set (x,y) Coordinates with ActionScript
  8. Animating a MovieClip with ActionScript 3.0
    1. Add a MovieClip Class to the Stage with ActionScript
    2. Animate a MovieClip with ActionScript
    3. Screen Wrap an Animated MovieClip
    4. Create a Bounce Animation
    5. Challenge Project
  9. Working with Multiple MovieClips with ActionScript 3.0
    1. Add Multiple Instances of a MovieClip Class to the Stage
    2. Target Multiple Objects with an Array
    3. Wrap Multiple Objects
    4. Bounce Multiple Objects
    5. Challenge Project
  10. Flash Game Demos
    1. Saucer Game with a Timer
    2. Falling Objects Game

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