Classic Tween Multiple Timelines


In the example, the car is much too big for the stage. If your's is too big (or even too small) change the scale (size). Since I already have an animation started, I don't want to scale the car movieClip on every keyframe (I may end up with something like this). So, I am going to edit the clip and watch the changes cascade to all the keyframes.

  1. Right-Click on the car movieClip and choose Edit
  2. Select ALL the assets in this movie using the keyboard shortcut CTRL+A (The "A" stands for "all")
  3. Enable the Free Transform tool
  4. Drag a corner selection point to scale the object: If you hold down shift while you drag, the object proportions are constrained (you can't accidentally stretch the object out of proportion)

Use CTRL+ENTER to check the results. Do you see how the change cascades?

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