Paste and Fill

When it comes to the "3-D" part of this project, all the curves make it very tough to use the same technique as last time. For this reason, you are going to make a duplicate of the finished outline.

To select the entire outline, use the Select All keyboard shortcut: CTRL+A
To copy, use the keyboard shortcut: CTRL+C
To paste in the exact same spot (Paste In Place), use the keyboard shortcut: CTRL+Shift+V

Finally, use the arrow keys on your keyboard to nudge the duplicate into place.


All these lines are going to get very confusing! Although it's not absolutely necessary, you can make the duplicate outline a different color. Use the Stroke Color button to select a contrast (I chose red). The outline still has to be selected in order for this to work:

swap colors

That's a LITTLE bit easier to work with. Now, start to draw your connector lines:

draw connections

Good, now delete the lines that don't belong anymore! Remember, you can use CTRL+Z to undo any mistakes:


Now start to fill, just like before:

finish fill

When you finish filling, make sure to delete all the outlines: