An MLA Style Template in Google Docs

Skills Covered

  • Formatting Word 2007

Estimated Work Time

  • 20 Minutes

This tutorial will guide you through the process of creating an MLA style template using Google Docs. If you just need a finished template, you must use your existing Google account to Make a copy of this document:

Google Docs MLA Style Template

If you want to know a little more about the MLA, check out the What Is The MLA page.

Before you start Google Docs and begin, check out this list of the six basic formatting characteristics of an MLA style essay:

  1. All text is Times New Roman size 12
  2. The entire document is double-spaced
  3. The title is centered
  4. Body paragraphs have a .5 inch first line indent
  5. Last name+page number are right-aligned in the header on all pages
  6. One inch page margins on all side

Start up a new Google Doc and name it MLA Template: