Web Reviews - One

Skills Covered
Getting Real
Evaluating Real-World Web Design

Guess what, kids, at some point you may have to do some real work in this class..... work with your name on it... work that could be seen by hundreds or even thousands of people.

For now, you need to start thinking about what makes a particular web site "good" or "bad". How do you evaluate? Is information you're looking for easy or difficult to find, is the layout simple or confusing, is the color-scheme pleasing or harsh? What is it about some web sites that just make them "better" than others?

  1. Answer all these things, and more, as you review the web sites for the six high schools in the Fremont Unified School District.
  2. Create your evaluation as an HTML document, saved in your classwork folder as reviews.htm
  3. Use proper headings, and anchors to each review, much like the history.html document
  4. Create a link from your index.htm page to the reviews.htm page