Snap To and Delete

Keep drawing straight lines. You should have picked up straight away that SHIFT will also force horizontal and forty-five degree angle lines.

Your lines should be "magically" snapping together at junction points, even if you aren't that close. This will happen if Flash is set up to Snap to Objects. This feature is usually on by default, and it really comes in handy for a project like this. Sometimes, it can be the most anoying thing in the world. Toggle on and off by clicking View, Snapping, Snap to Objects.

Keep drawing, it's OK if you overlap lines, you can easily erase later. Look at how "sloppy" mine is:


Once you finish the drawing you can delete out the unwanted overlapping lines. Use the Selection Tool (the black arrow at the top left) and click once to select, then delete.

get parts

Finish cleaning up the outline drawing. Mine looks like this:

all clean

Are you getting the hang of it? Click Page 4 below to move on: